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Kintsugi Repair Kit with 2 Colours - Repair Your own Ceramics with Gold and Silver Glue - Kinsukuroi

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DIY: Japanese Kintsugi Repair Starter Kit for beginners and more experienced creatives.
DIY Kintsugi Repair Kit

✅A simple japanese glue repair kit for beginners and more experienced creatives. This DIY ceramic repair kit gives your broken porcelain plate, ceramic mug, glass bowl, clay pot or pottery dishes another life.
✅Thanks to the step-by-step and detailed instructions, you'll get a special pleasure out of diving into the ancient art of kintsukuroi and creating your own handmade Japanese-style ceramic set.
✅The Gold Powder Epoxy Ceramic Repair Kit contains all the kintsugi supplies you need and is designed to glue up to 7 small dinner plates, so you'll have plenty of material to experiment with.

✅An introduction to Japanese craft with a kintsugi set would make a great gift for a woman, creative adults or a couple in love for an interesting evening together. you get to enjoy crafting and your own unique japanese repaired pottery.

✅Ceramics are not included! The photos show examples of ceramics that we create ourselves, so we are confident in our kits. 
✅The kinsukuroi glue kit can be used with almost all materials: ceramic, glass, Porcelain, wood, metal, hard plastics, jewelry, stone, pottery etc. Food safe for cold snacks, fruit, or to decorate indoors without any risk. We do not recommend washing created ceramics in the dishwasher, using the microwave, or pouring very hot drinks directly.

DIY: Kit-Japanese Kintsugi Repair Starter Kits.
The simplest Kintsugi set for beginners and more experienced creators! A set that will breathe a special Japanese flavor into boring ceramics or give your broken dishes a second life!

✅ Food safety:
It is only safe for cold food products.

* The epoxy adhesive is resistant to temperatures up to 100 degrees Celsius /212 degrees Fahrenheit.
The hotter components will melt, so they won't be safe.
*Therefore, I do not recommend washing dishes in the dishwasher, using the microwave, or pouring VERY hot drinks directly. Do not contact very hot objects.
The materials are NOT approved by the FDA.

* 25ml quick-release epoxy glue - 1
* Premium non-toxic color powder (4g) - 2
* Brush - 1
* Mixing sticks - 4
* Mixing jar - 2
* Illustrated instructions - 1
* Gloves - 4

Three simple steps:
1. Mix the colored powder with the glue
2. Glue the broken pieces of honey together
3. We wait 24 hours - and enjoy the result!

We are very happy to offer you a convenient, thoughtful set for creativity with a simple approach and detailed instructions. You will get a special pleasure from immersing yourself in the art of kintsugi and creating your own individual set of dishes.