Kintsugi Repair Kit

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DIY Kintsugi Repair Kit with 2 Colours

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DIY: Kit-Japanese Starter Kits for Kintsugi Repair

The simplest Kintsugi set for beginners and more experienced creators! It will help to glue broken dishes made of ceramics, porcelain, glass, wood, plastic and metal. A set that will give your broken dishes a second life!

* 25 ml of quick-release epoxy adhesive
* 2 pcs. High quality non-toxic color powder (4 g)
* Brush
* Mixing sticks
* Mixing vessel
* Illustrated instructions
* Gloves

We are very pleased to offer you a convenient, thoughtful set for creativity with a simple approach and detailed instructions. You will get a special pleasure by immersing yourself in the art of kintsugi and creating your own individual set of dishes.

✅ Food safety:
It is safe for cold and warm foods.

* The epoxy adhesive is resistant to temperatures up to 100 degrees Celsius / 212 degrees Fahrenheit.
The hotter components will melt, so they won't be safe.
* Therefore, I do not recommend washing dishes in the dishwasher, using a microwave oven or pouring VERY hot drinks directly. Do not touch very hot objects.
The materials are NOT approved by the FDA.

Three simple steps:
1. Mix the colored powder with glue
2. Glue the broken pieces of honey together
3. We wait 24 hours - and enjoy the result!

Frequently Asked Questions:

* Everything you can imagine: porcelain, ceramics, jewelry, glass, wood, ceramics, hard plastics.

* The kit includes enough material to repair approximately 7 small dinner plates.

*Dishes are not included.

Note: We fill full bottles, but since the powder is delicate, it will sink during transportation, so it may be incomplete.

Still have a question? Contact me directly and I will be happy to answer you.