About Us

We are Alex and Anna. In our shop you can buy gifts, DIY kits, Kintsugi kit, scratch posters, funny calendars.
Our shop "Craftus" is a family business that grew out of our hobbies, as well as from the question of what to give to family and friends!

We invent and create a lot of products and designs ourselves. We have a small workshop and basic tools for working with wood, ceramics and paper! Several days a week we work in the workshop and take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Our family and our shop are united, and we hope that the love and warmth in our products will bring you joy! We also support charity and transfer $1 from each sale of calendars with cats to the animal support fund in Poznan.

We wish you inspiration and children's joy from every purchase!
Sincerely, Alexey and Anna ❤️ ❤️